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Source Insight常用的快捷鍵

Source Insight常用的快捷鍵:

  • Ctrl+= :Jump to definition
  • Alt+/ :Look up reference
  • Alt+分頁標題首字字母 : 切換至該標題的頁面
  • F3 : search backward
  • F4 : search forward
  • F5: go to Line
  • F7 :Look up symbols
  • F8 :Look up local symbols
  • F9 :Ident left
  • F10 :Ident right
  • Alt+, :Jump backword
  • Alt+. : Jump forward
  • Shift+F3 : search the word under cusor backward
  • Shift+F4 : search the word under cusor forward
  • F12 : incremental search
  • Shift+Ctrl+f: search in project
  • shift+F8 : hilight word