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ascend kill



Category: Denial of Service
Title: Ascend Kill
Summary: Crashes an ascend router
Description: It was possible to make
the remote Ascend router reboot by sending
it a UDP packet containing special data on
port 9 (discard).

An attacker may use this flaw to make your
router crash continuously, preventing
your network from working properly.

Solution : filter the incoming UDP traffic coming
to port 9. Contact Ascend for a solution.


Port(s) Protocol Service Details Source
9 tcp,udp Discard Discard server – this protocol is only installed on machines for test purposes. The service listening at this port (both TCP and UDP) simply discards any input.

See also: [RFC863], CVE-1999-0060
Intrusions: Ascend kill
This exploit kills Ascend routers by sending them a specially formatted malformed TCP packet. On certain versions of the Ascend operating system, the router can be forced to cause an internal error, resulting in the router rebooting.

9 tcp,udp Discard (official) Wikipedia
9 tcp,udp discard Discard [RFC4960] [RFC4340] IANA
9 tcp,udp discard Discard SANS
9 tcp,udp discard sink null Nmap

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