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[英語] seem 常見的四種用法

seem (動詞), 簡單的說分成四種用法:

  • 1. 人+ seem + adj.
    • –>ex. She seemed angry. (她似乎是生氣的。)
  • 2. seem + like + 名詞
    • –>ex. The bread seems like a stone. (那個麵包看似一塊石頭。)
  • 3. seem + to 原V ; seem not to + 原 V
    • –>ex1. He seems to be happy. (他似乎很快樂。)
    • –>ex2. He seems not to be happy. (他似乎不快樂。)
  • 4. It seems that + 子句.
    • –>ex1. It seems that he is happy. (看樣子似乎他很快樂。)
    • –>ex2. It seems that he is not happy. (看樣子似乎他不快樂。)