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比較Non-OS 與 RTOS的差異


[Non-OS SDK]

Non-OS SDK 是不基於OS的 SDK,提供 IOT_Demo 和 AT 的編譯。

The Non-OS SDK uses timers and callbacks as the main way to perform the various functions – nested events, functions triggered by certain conditions. (Non-OS SDK 主要使用定時器回調函數的方式實現各個功能事件的嵌套,達到特定條件下觸發特定功能函數的目的。)

The Non-OS SDK uses the espconn network interface; the user needs to develop their software according to the usage rules of the espconn interface. (Non-OS SDK 使用 espconn 接口實現網路操作,使用者需要按照 espconn 接口的使用規則進行軟件開發。)


1. RTOS version SDK uses the freeRTOS system, a multi-tasking OS. (RTOS SDK 基於 FreeRTOS,在 Github 上開源。)

You can use standard interfaces to freeRTOS resource management, recycling operations, execution delay, inter-task messaging and synchronization, task-oriented process design. For the specifics of interface methods, refer to freeRTOS official website instructions or USING THE FREERTOS REAL TIME KERNEL – A Practical Guide introduction. ( RTOS 版本 SDK 使用 FreeRTOS 系統,引入 OS 多任務處理的機制,用戶可以使用 FreeRTOS 的標准接口實現資源管理、循環操作、任務內延時、任務間信息傳遞和同步等面向任務流程的設計方式。)

2. RTOS SDK version of the network operating interface is a standard lwIP API, while providing a package which enables BSD Socket APIsocket interface. Users can directly use the socket API to develop software applications; your code can also be directly compiled to run standard applications on other platforms Socket , effectively reducing the cost of learning platform switching. possibly flawed translation. (RTOS 版本 SDK 的網路操作提供了 BSD Socket API 接口的封裝實現,使用者可以直接按照 Socket API 的使用方式來開發軟件應用,也可以直接編譯運行其他平台的標准 Socket 應用,有效降低平台切換的學習成本。)

3. RTOS version of the SDK introduces cJSON library, use the library functions to more easily parse JSON packets. (RTOS 版本 SDK 引入了 cJSON 庫,可以更加方便的實現對 JSON 數據包的解析。)

4. RTOS version is compatible with non-OS SDK in the Wi-Fi interface, smart config interfaces, Sniffer related interfaces, system interface, timer interface, FOTA interfaces and peripheral driver interface, but does not support the AT implementation. ( RTOS 版本相容 Non-OS SDK 中的 Wi-Fi 接口、Smart Config 接口、Sniffer 相關接口、系統接口、定時器接口、FOTA 接口和外圍驅動接口,不支持 AT 實現。)