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什麼是Lazy Binding

由於比較Android linux與GNU linux的差異, 發現GNU linux的動態資料庫連結會使用lazy binding技術, 研究一下!


The “Lazy binding” process describes the relocation of an library function address at run time.

That means, after the application was loaded into the virtual process memory, no library function is resolved. With this mechanism the address resolution of the needed function is done on demand. This procedure increases the startup time for applications with a long library list dramatically. The disadvantage is that the run time performance suffers, especially during the relocation process.

所以就是成事並不會預先就將鎖有涵式庫relocation , 而是在run time時候才relocation !
優點: 整體而言對x86系統 較有效率
缺點: 較差的run time performance