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Google 招募系統工程師


Systems Software Engineer – Taipei


  • You are a software engineer with a healthy knowledge of lower-level computer systems, software and architecture. Areas of development may include EFI-based BIOS, Linux kernel, device drivers, daemons, libraries, command line tools, or embedded firmware.


  • Develop new products and features for global users
  • Develop ARM or x86 firmware/bios, and system bring-up.
  • Develop Linux kernel and/or device driver
  • (看起來就是作一些底層的事情, bios, system bring-up啦~ 之類的 kernel, driver)

欲應徵的話, 須具備以下條件:

  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in computer science or equivalent work experience. (大學, 研究所, 還是博士都可以, 只要是資訊工程背景)
  • Experienced with ODM/OEM factory processes and testing a plus. (在ODM或OEM廠待過有加分)
  • Experienced with any/all of these a plus: UEFI, U-Boot, USB, EEPROM / solid-state storage (SPI NAND, eMMC, eSD, SSD, etc.), Video BIOS, Embedded controllers. (如果碰過這些原件或領域, 就更加分啦!)
  • Strong understanding of algorithms and data structures concepts.  (演算法與資料結構是基本功, 我們希望你融會貫通)
  • Strong C/C++/Python/assembly programming skills. (這些程式語言一定要很強)
  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English (written and spoken).  (英語和中文在讀與寫必須很流利)