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[英語學習] 職場請假英文攻略》聽到客戶說feeling under the weather,代表什麼意思?


職場上的休假(leave of absence)有些是paid leave(有薪假),有些則是無薪假unpaid leave;最糟糕的狀況是金融風暴期間發生較長期的無薪假(furlough)。


  • annual leave (n.) 年假
  • sick leave (n.) 病假
  • personal leave (n.) 事假
  • maternity leave (n.) 產假。字根「mater-」有母親的意思,相關詞彙有maternity dress/outfit (n.) 孕婦裝、maternity ward (n.) 產房等。
  • paternity leave (n.) 陪產假。字根「pater-」有父親的意思。
  • sabbatical (n.) 休假進修/研究;離休。通常大學教授會有sabbatical,這段休假期間並不教課而是從事寫作、研究或進修。


  • A: Do you know what types of leave employees are entitled to?(你知道員工可請什麼假嗎?)
  • B: I know that eligible employees are granted 12 days of annual leave per year, but you might want to check with human resources department for details.(我知道符合資格的員工每年可有12天的休假,至於其他細節,你可能需要詢問人資部門。)


  • eligible (adj.) 符合資格的,名詞為eligibility
  • entitle (v.) 給予權利。常用的形式為be entitled to __(something)__,和 be entitled to + V (動詞)。
  • grant (v.)允許、給予。grant當名詞有(政府,學術單位的)補助金之意,如research grant (研究補助金)。

在這個情境裡「grant」和「entitle」常用被動式的表現方式「be + Vp.p. (動詞分詞)」,但須注意動詞和主詞人稱單複數是否一致。
以上介紹了國際職場上常見的休假種類,但是我們要如何用英文請假呢?一般較口語的說法是take __(time)__off,把時間加在take和off 之間。


  • I’d like to take the afternoon off because I have a dentist appointment at 2.(我下午想請假因為我兩點和牙醫有約診。)
  • Jane was feeling under the weather so she decided to take a day off today.(Jane身體不適,所以今天請假一天。)
    under the weather這個片語的意思為「身體不舒服」,也就是feeling unwell的意思;此外,亦可用out of sorts來表示。



  • I’d like to request a 3-day leave of absence for personal reasons. I plan to leave on 9/1 and return to work on 9/4. During this period, I would also be available to answer questions via email. Thank you for your consideration of my request.(我想要9/1開始請三天假,9/4恢復上班工作。在我休假期間,可由email方式和我聯絡,我也會回答問題。謝謝你考慮我的請假要 求。)


其實,可利用email裡的自動訊息回覆(auto-reply message)並簡單說明何時休假,有緊急事務聯絡誰即可。

  • Thank you for your message. I’m out of the office from 9/1 until 9/4. While I’m away, I’ll have limited access to email. For immediate assistance, please contact Amy Chang. Otherwise, I’ll respond to your message upon my return.(謝謝你的訊息。我9/1至9/4休假不在辦公室,無法正常讀取email。如需要立即的協助,請聯絡Amy Chang,其他的,我將於休假後回覆。)
    access在這裡是當名詞,有「存取,取得」的意思,通常會用access to __(something)__的方式表現,所以這裡可解釋為「有限的讀取或取得」。
    另外,「回覆」email可用動詞respond或reply,但是後面都需接介詞「to」。至於assistance (n) 協助,動詞為assist,其用法為「assist (someone) with (something)」 (幫助某人某事)。