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EFI Shell commands — EDIT(全視窗編輯器) : 可用來看文字檔或log檔

EFI Shell commands — EDIT(全視窗編輯器)

  • Full screen editor for ASCII or UNICODE files.

EDIT [file]

  • file – Name of file to be edited


  • 1. If the file is not specified, NewFile.txt is edited.
  • 2. The size of file shall not be larger than 16 Mbytes.


  • * To edit the ‘shell.log’ file:
  • fs0:\> edit shell.log


  • “Ctrl-E” go to help, and “Ctrl-W” exit help
  • Control Key Function Key Command
    ———– ———— —————–
    Ctrl-G F1 Go To Line
    Ctrl-S F2 Save File
    Ctrl-Q F3 Exit
    Ctrl-F F4 Search
    Ctrl-R F5 Search/Replace
    Ctrl-K F6 Cut Line
    Ctrl-U F7 Paste Line
    Ctrl-O F8 Open File
    Ctrl-T F9 File Type
    ———– ———— —————–